Things I Have Learned from Eric Worre and Other Network Marketing Leaders

By Pam Daily

I have been in network marketing, running my own business on the side, for about 3 years now. It is always a balancing act and I get to improve myself and my routine every day. I watch leaders on social media, I listen to them, I emulate them, I aim to duplicate the tasks they do…the people that have the kind of success I want. I do what they do, but I do it in my style. The key here is to do it! Whatever it is, do it. You learn as you go, you learn to do it better each day. Practice makes perfect, right? (Perfect = progress.) But you don’t stop. Or as Eric Worre says: Plan. Do. Review. Make a plan. Do the plan. Look at the results. And make a better plan. Refine the plan, and keep cycling through it again and again. I have learned a lot. I have developed my mindset and work my daily tasks just like you. Here are the highlights of what resonates with me most.

  1. Connect with People: Talk to people. Listen to them. (It is about them, not you.) Go to events, business and personal. Make friends. Get to know their friends. Join Facebook groups outside the business that interest you and make friends. Talk to people at your gym, grocery store, book club, soccer moms, school moms, etc. Text them to meet up for coffee or lunch. Build trusting relationships. Conversations will open the door to share what you do and why you love it and how you can offer a solution to a problem.

  2. Become an Expert: Learn your product or service. Understand how to share it in a 30 second elevator pitch. Leave them wanting more. Learn the skill of network marketing too. Read books and watch Eric Worre on You Tube. Use the 80/20 rule. Focus on income producing tasks 80% of the time. Focus on personal development 20% of the time. It is ok to learn as you go. Read Eric Worre’s book, Go Pro. And read it again. ☺

  3. Be YOU: You are the only person in the world who can be YOU. Be real. Your friends want to know you, they want to relate to you. Find your own style and do your tasks. Once they have connected with you and see you as the expert, they will trust you and they will want to be your customer or your business partner. People join people, not so much companies. This is what resonates with me: “We might impress people with our strengths, but we connect with people through our weaknesses.” (Craig Groeschel) Go to You Tube and research branding and attraction marketing. Be the best YOU.

  4. Be Consistent: Do something positive every day and add value to the world every day. Let’s take Facebook as an example. I post about 5-6 times every day. It might not have anything to do with the business side of life. I focus on three to five passions (mine are more or less my kids, our dog, coffee, food, cooking, and my herb garden). Every post should fall into the Three Es: Entertain, Engage, and Educate. I love taking pictures of food and what I am cooking. An image might include some early phase of my pan on the stove captioned with “Guess what’s for dinner tonight!” People know I like food, I like to cook, it is engaging, someone almost always asks for the recipe and it is fun! This kind of post hits all three Es.

  5. Keep it short and sweet. If you do a Facebook Live, lure viewers in with a caption that creates curiosity. Something like “New Product Reveal” or “Matte or Dewy”. Keep videos to about 3 minutes. You want to create interest but not give the farm away. If you post an image about an amazing product, focus on what it will do for them, why should they care. Don’t post a book. No one wants to read much. Create your own image (WordSwag is my fave) with an uplifting quote or tip. Or share a list of Top Sellers or Best Products for Dry Skin. Add value. You also want to get people to engage and message you and be interested enough to meet for coffee and hear more in person. Don’t be salesy and spammy.

There is so much more but you get the point. Soak it all up and learn on the fly.