Author:  Sara Tessel, Senegence

If you want a laugh, check out our fellow GBN member do an impression of my first two-minute showcase. Spoiler Alert: It’s a train wreck. I had no confidence in myself, my business, or in any kind of networking. My first event was at a local restaurant, and I sat at the end of the table with my usual scowl, waiting for my turn to sell my product. At that first meeting, I believed that the goal was sales and recruiting – not relationship building. I had no interest in building relationships. I’ve known enough women in my life to know I didn’t want to be around them – catty and bitches, the lot of them.

And boy have I eaten my words since then. I’ve been a part of GBN for a little over 6 months and have found little to none of the typical problems found in large groups of women. In such a short time, I have met countless people I never would have crossed paths with otherwise, grown my business, learned more than I could ever actually explain, and even – gasp – made some great friends. That is the GBN difference.

At GBN events, I now explain that LipSense is a great product, but lipstick and makeup as a whole are not revolutionary – women have been wearing makeup forever.  What I sell is confidence – something I gained from this product and GBN! It is amazing how quickly we are capable of changing – with a product as basic as lipstick! Lately my two-minute showcase is half of a shout out to GBN and the members who have very much changed my life and a quick reminder to check out my Facebook group with a short intro to the products I sell. I am far less concerned with selling my products to that specific group of ladies (though I do still bring my stock to every event!), and now focus on the relationship building that leads to long term success and a greater quality of life.

But what really changed? It’s quite a leap from being sales focused to being relationship focused! The change was not overnight and it wasn’t intentional, either. Being around positive, driven, and kind women will change your perspective, if you let it. I listened to what the other women in the group had to say and implemented some of their suggestions. Some have helped, others have not; I focus on what works and move forward. I am grateful for the advice and guidance of the other women in the group.

The Sara of 6 months ago (we call her Sara 1.0) would have used this post as an opportunity to be entirely self-serving and focused on my product and my business. Do I want you to join my group and buy my products? Of course. But it is genuinely more important to Sara 2.0 that you get as much out of GBN as possible and grow both yourself and your business. Why? Because together, we can do so much more than one of us alone. Relationships breed success – and GBN gives you an opportunity to make connections you likely wouldn’t have made otherwise.