Email has become the most important communication tools in our age. We send emails on daily basis and use if as a preferred tool of communication. In many cases, email replaced our face to face interactions and even phone calls.

In 2015 Marketing Sherpa noted that 91% of people prefer to receive promotional email from companies. Email is almost 40 times more effective than social media, such as Facebook. Your email list is something that belongs to your business, your followers on social media belong to the big social media company.

What is a lead magnet?
A lead magnet is an offer you present to your potential subscribers, so they are more inclined to give you their email addresses. Ideally this should be a little teaser of your signature offer/bigger offer or service you are providing.

Your lead magnet should solve a problem or struggle your ideal client is facing and offer a quick solution without a long commitment. The lead magnet must be easy to use, ideally something that the client could resolve in a short time span with minimal afford.

Most importantly, a lead magnet helps you grow your email subscriber list. It helps you capture users who visited your site and hone your relationship with potential and existing customer and increase your revenue.

How do I know what lead magnet I should use?Most businesses struggle identifying the perfect lead magnet. Often a lead magnet is confused with other offers, doesn’t provide sufficient value or is simply not what an ideal client would want to use. Truth is that you have to provide something of value, so the person is actually inclined to exchange the email for the information you are providing.  Below are some questions you should use to pinpoint better target your offer: who is my ideal customer?

  • What is the most significant pain point they are facing?
  • What is the biggest obstacle holding your ideal customers back, at this time, from making a change?
  • What is a baby step they can take today to to take them on the right path?
  • What types of files can you use for your lead magent?

As I noted before your lead magnet should show your client you to easily resolve a problem they had been facing. It should direct them towards other programs/offers your business is providing. The user should be able to quickly apply the information you shared to their problem. Ideally your lead magnet should address a significant pain point and provide them with a starting point in solving a problem.

You can deliver your lead magnet is a variety of ways:

  • PDF

  • E-books

  • Quizzes

  • Checklists

  • E-file

  • Videos

Let’s go over how you should frame your offer, so people you are targeting actually see the benefit you are providing. Use easy subject lines that highlight both the benefit and the struggle the user is facing. You should create a clear connection between the two, so people want to get your offer.

Write one-liners to capture reader’s attention that follow these patterns:

Highlight struggle+ convenience

For example: Feeling bloated? Sign up now to get instant access to bloat-beating tips

Highlight goal + convenience

For example: Want to lose 5 pounds in a week? Sign-up to get access to these pounds banishing tips.

Now you are ready to create your next fabulous sign-up offer! If you are struggling with your emails, don’t forget to sign up to my email list to get more valuable tips, facts and marketing information.